Wilson Spearman

MIT Class of 2022 | Computer Science and Economics | StartLabs and MITMUNC


About Me

I'm Wilson Spearman, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology double majoring in Computer Science and Economics. I am a VP of MIT's StartLabs entrepreneurship club and the Director of External Outreach for MITMUNC.

My passions include entrepreneurship, tech, current events, photography, and documentaries. I have strong interests in the systems and security, backend development, economics, and entrepreneurship. I am looking for projects where I can apply my technical skills and work on solving complex problems.

Server Development for MIT D-Lab

  From September 2018 to May 2019, I worked under Dr. Rich Fletcher of the Mobile Technology Group in the MIT D-Lab as an undergraduate researcher (UROP). I worked with the team to develop IoT technology capable of detecting cardiovascular disease with low-cost hardware in developing countries.

  Specifically, I was tasked with developing a python-based backend server with an API that can apply machine learning algorithms and handle data transfers for patient and clinician data. In my time working on the project, I developed a server with a secure API for clinician and patient management, Framingham Score calculations, and classification of PWA measurements that is live and in use to support the rest of the team's work.

  In the future, I may return to this lab to continue UROPing or to another MIT lab for a UROP.

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Webcrawler for American Property Consultants

  Over the summer of 2018, I worked as a software developer for American Property Consultants, a company that writes market-based appeals on the behalf of property owners to lower their property taxes. My job was to automate a large part of their workflow that involved collecting data on properties from county websites and databases.

  The webcrawler that I developed for the company was able to increase the speed at which they research appeals by approximately 75%. I managed distribution of the software and trained employees in how to use it. My work with American Property Consultants gave me experience developing critical software that would be implemented in the company's day to day workflow.

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Raptor UAV

  Raptor UAV is a drone video company I started in 10th grade of high school. I have since completed over 35 projects for real estate companies and other clients to earn over $20,000 in total revenue. This work allowed me to develop professional communication skills, sharpen my video editing skills, and explore developing technologies and industries.

  Raptor UAV succeeds by implementing the latest drone and camera technology to capture stunning views of properties on beaches, lakes, and mountainsides across the Southeast. Samples of my work can be found here.

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My Clubs

  In addition to my coursework, I am also an active member of the MIT community. I am the VP of TechTreks in StartLabs, MIT's premier undergraduate club for entrepreneurship. Last year, I led planning for the StartLabs international TechTrek, a week-long trip where members of the club experience and learn about entrepreneurship in a different country. Due to COVID, our TechTrek to Germany was cancelled, but I have been working on helping our members get connected to entrepreneurship abroad regardless. I am also a part of MIT Model United Nations. This year, I am on Secretariat as the Director of External Outreach and will be responsible for working with high schools to make our conference accessible and enjoyable to students regardless of background.

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  I founded Wearibly with a team of four at MIT Launch to develop a smart wristband for children with serious medical conditions that would reduce response time and improve the quality of responses in emergencies. I was personally responsible for designing front-end software and worked to integrate it with the hardware to build our product. In our month at MIT Launch, we built out a fully functional prototype in terms of both hardware and software. We continued to work on the company for 7 months after our time at Launch.

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Upcoming Work

  This upcoming summer, I am interested in experiencing work at a fast-paced startup or working on a new product at a larger company. I am also interested in continuing to explore my interests in operating systems, security, and economics.

Due to COVID, I have also been spending a lot of time outdoors. I will continue to hike and travel to national parks. This IAP, I plan on skiing for the duration of January to take a break from work and enjoy life.

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Check Point

  Over the 2019 summer, I traveled to Israel through MIT's MISTI program and interned at Check Point, an Israeli cybersecurity company,
 At Check Point, I worked in the Advanced Threat Protection Division’s R&D group on a new cybersecurity forensics product for enterprise endpoint security. I developed a scalable backend service for this new product to handle large data streams. I also researched and tested new backend solutions to help establish a final cloud-based architecture for the product.

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Microsoft Intune

  During MIT's Independent Activity Period (IAP) over the course of January 2019, I interned at Microsoft on the Intune iOS Mobile App Management team. I worked in collaboration with another intern to develop an open-source app utilizing the Intune SDK for iOS to serve as an example to developers on how to use Intune for app management and security.

  That app has since been released by Microsoft and can be found here!

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  Over the summer of 2020, I was a Software Engineering Intern on the CoreOS team at Apple. During my time there, I designed an improved approach to iOS volume replication on the CoreOS Storage Management team for use in both manufacturing and consumer-facing processes to be included and utilized in a future OS release. To accomplish this, I worked with OS frameworks and file systems to develop a new design for the replication of system volumes. I further developed a passion for operating systems and enjoyed getting to work on products used by millions daily.

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